Kingdom Animalia
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Phylum Chordata
Class Aves
Order Charadriiformes
Famiglia Charadriidae
Genus Charadrius
Species dubius
Classification Scopoli, 1786
Common name little riged plover
Size 14-15 centimeters
Wing Span 42 - 48 centimeters
Male weight 30-50 grams
Female weight 30-50 grams

Geographic Range Eurasia, Indonesia, Africa
Physical Characteristics it is similar to the Kentish Plover. Adults have a black beak, white abdomen, a black ring on the chest, and a white collar. It has a yellow circle around the eye. Juveniles have the yellow circle too but without the light eyebrow. During the flight it is evident the absence of the wing white band.
Notes it builds the nest with plumes. Its long claws allow it to run fast on pebbles and gravel. The parents simulate to be injured to distract the predators from the young, that are able to fly only after three weeks. Sometime parents are helped by another bird, male or female, that helps on the hatching, young care, and defends the territory. These birds are probably offspring or partner of the previous year.
Habitat nests are present on gravelly and sandy river banks, on gravelly depressions, industrial areas and shores of water reservoir. It lives in fresh and brackish water wetlands.
Food habits it feeds on insects, spiders, invertebrates. It prefers looking for food on tidal plain, shallow water pools, wet soil.
Migration it winters in Africa.
Nidification female lays 4 streaked dark eggs, from March to May. They are looked after both parents and the other bird for 22-26 days.

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