Kingdom Plantae
Division Eucariote
Phylum Chlorophyta
Class Chlorophyceae
Order Ulvales
Family Ulvaceae
Genus Enteromorpha
Species intestinalis
Classification L.
Common name gut weed

Geographic Range it is widespread all over the world.
Physical Characteristics it is a green seaweed, consisting of inflated, tubular fronds that grow from a small discoid base. Fronds are typically unbranched, they may be 10-30 centimeters long or even longer and 6-18 millimeters in diameter, usually with rounded tips. It is a summer annual plant, forming masses of bleached white fronds towards the end of the season. It may grow up to 1 meter in height, at the speed of 0.15 -0.25 centimeters per day. It is euryhaline: it tolerates wide ranges in the salinity.
Notes it may become detached from the substratum and rise to the water surface, where it continues to grow in floating masses. It reproduces with an alternation of generations: a generation reproduces by vegetative propagation (by transversal scission), the following one by spores. It is an opportunist plant growing and spreading rapidly thanks to the fact that it can reproduce all year round, even if the most favourable season is summer. Its life cycle has an alternation between haploid and diploid generations, which are morphologically the same. The cycle may change depending on the environmental conditions. It is sensitive to the loss of substratum sediments and to the disturbs of the bottom such as dredging. It is an important food source for some "grazing" organisms such as the Littorina littorea.
Habitat it occurs in a wide range of habitats at all shore levels. Where the substratum is suitable it will grow on rocks, mud, sand. It is abundant in brackish water areas, where there is appreciable fresh water run and in wet areas of the splash zone. It is also a common epiphyte on other algae and shells.

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