Kingdom Animalia
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Phylum Chordata
Class Aves
Order Passeriformes
Family Laniidae
Genus Lanius
Species collurio
Classification Linnaeus, 1758
Common name red-backed shrike
Size 17 - 18 centimeters
Wing Span 24 - 27 centimeters
Male weight 22 - 47 grams
Female weight 22 - 47 grams

Geographic Range it nests in all Europe, except northern areas, in many Mediterranean islands, Asia, Africa and Middle East.
Physical Characteristics it is slightly bigger than a sparrow. The male is easily recognizable for its striking. It has grey-blue head, black mask, light brown back, black tail with white bands. The lower part of the body is salmon rose and the beak is dark. The female and male not mature yet don’t have the mask and are brown coloured; the young have bands on the back.
Behaviour when hunting it stays in places that allow a wide view. It hunts in different manners: it quickly swoops on cockroachs but it also follows the flying insects. It preys also upon small birds, mammals, lizards and frogs that are killed with the beak. It often spits preys on thorns and these will be the food supply for the difficult seasons.
Habitat it lives on bushes, where it builds the nest, hedges and small wood.
Migration in winter it migrates toward tropical and southern Africa and north-west India.
Nidification it builds the nest with plant stems, roots and grass. The nest is lined with moss and hairs and it is positioned in the lower part of thorny bushes.
Reproduction it lays 3-6 eggs each year, among late May and late July, in one clutch.

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